Gateway to Asia

Tang Long Consulting is an independent advisory firm that addresses the demand for specialist strategy consulting from mid-market companies across Asia. Committed to the region, TLC looks to transform businesses and empower management teams to achieve their vision.

Localized Experience

TLC's Principals established a highly successful structured finance operation in Hong Kong in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis. Through practical experience, we understand the challenges of growing a business under difficult market conditions and place strong emphasis on ensuring that our clients secure the sound financial footing necessary to achieve their goals.

Dedicated to success

We build empathy with our clients and their business environment. Our experience in starting and building businesses, especially in the post-Asian Financial Crisis era, is first hand.

TLC has an affinity for, and understanding of, the challenges facing growing businesses in today's Asia. In building a business, we take the long term perspective. Whilst all stakeholder interests need to be aligned strategically and structurally, we also address the important and key cultural issues.

Our people have a track record in facilitating investor access to business opportunities in Europe and Asia; specifically the markets of Greater China, ASEAN and North Asia.

We believe that simplicity of execution is a virtue. Maintaining and enhancing our reputation is fundamental to TLC's business philosophy. With a corporate mantra of "tell it as it is" is, we are proud to deliver with passion and quality.